When you create an index, EasyIndex usually creates two levels of index (see Index Types). The exceptions are the Gallery styles, which only create a primary index.

Once you create your index, you'd normally add the primary index to a menu (see Add an Index to a Menu) When you do this, EasyIndex will optionally add all the secondary indexes as sub-menu items.

However there's nothing stopping you from "bypassing" the primary index altogether and adding a secondary index to a menu.  You would probably want to do this if you are only indexing one term, or you want to have a main menu item for each of the secondary terms.

For example, lets say your blog had posts with categories like Crafts, Kitchen Tools, Pets, Recipes, Reviews and Travel. If you made an index on Categories that included all those terms, you'd get a primary index that had a thumbnail for each of those terms and each thumbnail would link to an index of posts in the appropriate category.  You could then add the primary index to a menu and the secondary indexes would appear as sub-menu items under the primary index menu item.

But what if you want to have a separate top level menu item for each of those terms?

To do this, you'll need to add each secondary index you want on the menu as a "Custom Link".

  • First, navigate to the index page that you want appear on the menu, and copy the page URL from the browser address field.
  • Now go to the WordPress admin dashboard, and click on Menus under the Appearance item.
  • Click on Custom Links, paste the URL you copied above into the URL field and enter the text you want on your menu.
  • Click Add to Menu

Add a secondary index directly to a menu