Post titles are displayed underneath, above or on top of a post's thumbnail, depending on what index style you've chosen.

We designed EasyIndex to use a theme's defaults as far as possible and one of the ways we did this was to use HTML heading tags for post titles on an index and allow the theme styling to determine how they are shown.  To do this, we had to have a guess at what would probably be a reasonable heading tag to use (<h1>, <h2>, <h3> etc) for most themes and how much vertical space to allow for them.

There are two potential problems with this.

The text is way too big or way too small

Let's say EasyIndex uses <h4> by default for the title.  The styling (font family, size, color etc) of an H4 tag is set by the theme.  In most themes we looked at, H4 is formatted in a way that is a reasonable match for the range of thumbnail sizes we expected people to use.  But there are some themes which have very large H4's and some with very small H4's, so the post title text ends up way too big or way too small for the thumbnail.

To allow for this, we let you override the default HTML tag EasyIndex uses.  For post titles it's the Title tag option on the index create/edit page.  If your post title text is way too big or way too small, try selecting a different heading tag.  On some themes we looked at however, there was very little difference between heading tags other than H1 and H2.  In this case, try selecting Div or Paragraph.  Ultimately, you may have to tweak the styling using live formatting (or manually in the free version) if none of the tags works for you.

Titles are truncated or partial lines are shown

The second potential problem is the vertical space we allow for the post title. We needed to explicitly set a vertical dimension, otherwise you can easily end up with different heights for each item on the index (because some titles might take one line to display and some might take two, three or more lines) and your index wouldn't line up nicely.

It would have been nice to be able to specify the height of the post titles as a specific number of lines but that's not possible with CSS. So we did the next best thing and specified the height in "x-height"  units.  This gives us a more reliable way to specify a height that will, more often than not, accommodate an exact number of lines.  However, it's not always the case and you may find that you see a partial line that's been cut in half.  Or you may want more than the two lines we tried to allow for.

To fix this problem you'll have to adjust the item title's height.  You can do this by either adding some CSS on the index edit page, or use Live Formatting to adjust it on the index itself.

If you add CSS, you'l need something like this in the "Custom CSS" field:

.ei-item-title {
  height: 5ex;

Adjust the value of the height until it's correct for your situation.

If you use live formatting, you can see the effect of your changes as you make them.  In this case, select Title box from the Live Formatting menu, and then adjust the Height in the Position/Size entry in the Live Formatting popup.