This is the title that will appear above the gallery.

Thumbnail size

Enter the size of the thumbnails you want as WxH where W is the width in pixels and H is the height in pixels.

Preview size

This is the size of the preview image that is displayed when you hover over a thumbnail. It is entered as WxH where W is the width in pixels and H is the height in pixels.

Preview position

This is the position that a preview image will be displayed normally (above, below, to the left or right of the thumbnail). However, if a preview image would be offscreen if displayed in its "normal" position, then EasyIndex will move it so that the complete preview image is visible.

Thumbs per view

The number of thumbnails to show initially and then each time the More link is clicked.

"More" text

The actual text to show on the more link.


The group (taxonomy) that you want to display thumbnails for.

Include all current and future terms

Check this option to show thumbnails for all the current terms in this group and also for any new terms that you might add in the future.

Select/Deselect all

Selects (or deselects) all the current terms. Selecting all the terms will not show thumbnails for any terms you add in the future unless you return to this setting and explicitly add the new terms.


The shortcode is displayed after you Save a widget's details.  You can use the shortcode to embed a gallery in posts and pages.