When you create an index, EasyIndex normally generates two types of indexes automatically, which for want of better words we've called Primary indexes and Secondary indexes. The exception to this are Galleries, which only generate a primary index.

Primary Indexes

Let's say you want an index of your categories and you choose a style that has a single image per term. Your primary index would show one image for each category term that you select when you create the index.

Term selection on the index create page

In other words, primary indexes (that have thumbnails), show a thumbnail image for each term in the taxonomy you're indexing. Each thumbnail links to a secondary index, which will show thumbnails for all the posts in that taxonomy (e.g. category). Text indexes are similar but use term names, each linking to a secondary index of post titles. It's also possible to have Primary Indexes that show thumbnails from a sample of the posts in each term. In this case, the term name links to the secondary index, while the thumbnails link to the post.

Secondary Indexes

Secondary indexes show a thumbnail for each post in the term, linked to the actual post.

An Example

We have a food blog and we wanted an index of our recipes (that’s how EasyIndex came about!) Our posts have appropriate categories like "Appetizers", "Beef", "Bread" and so on, so we created an index using "Category" as the taxonomy to index and selected the terms (categories in this case) that we wanted to appear on the index. When the index was created , EasyIndex generated the Primary index, which shows one thumbnail for each of the terms (Appetizers, Beef, Bread etc) and a Secondary Index for each of the terms we included in the index which shows a thumbnail for each post in that term.

An example of a primary index

Clicking on a thumbnail in the primary index displays a secondary index, where a thumbnail is shown for each post in the selected category term. So if you click on the "Appetizers" thumbnail (or heading) in the primary index, the secondary index displaying a thumbnail for each "Appetizer" post is shown. The thumbnails in the secondary index link to the actual post.

An example of a secondary index

We chose square images for our indexes but EasyIndex also allows any size rectangular image (and you can even have oval or circular images), and you can optionally show small excerpts from your posts, or you can have a text only index.