EasyIndex creates indexes and photo galleries from your blog posts. Most indexes can be created in just a few minutes.

Not only can you create an index for your blog quickly, it’s possible to create an index for several things.

Not to get too technical, but the ‘things’ you can index are called taxonomies. We know that’s a techie word and sometimes techie things are scary but stick with us. You’ll feel much smarter once you know what it all means. 

"Taxonomy" is just a fancy way of saying "group".

So you’ve got categories on your blog? That’s a taxonomy. You’ve got tags on your blog posts? Yes, tags are a taxonomy too. 

Any grouping you can create on your blog is a taxonomy. Simple. 

We tried to come up with a better word than taxonomy but in reality, there isn’t one.

WordPress plugins and themes can also add taxonomies. For example, the EasyRecipe plugin adds ‘cuisine’ and ‘course’ taxonomies which can be indexed. Other plugins might have ‘products’ or ‘topics’.  EasyIndex can index any taxonomy you have on your blog.

Lets say you picked ‘cuisines’ for the taxonomy to index. Your posts would probably have cuisines like American, French, African, Greek, Italian etc. and these are called terms.


Seriously, once you understand the concept of taxonomies and terms, and that you can index any (or all) of them, the hard work is done.

You're now ready to create Your First Index