EasyIndex can display indexes in a heap of different formats, but all the formats can be split into six distinct styles.

Singe image per term - pre-set images

You choose a single fixed image to show for each term in the index. Only Primary indexes use this style.

Singe Image per Term - thumbnails from the most recent posts

A single image is taken from the most recent post for each term. Only Primary indexes use this style.

Sample of Posts

On Primary indexes, we select a small number of the most recent posts to show for each term. You can decide how many posts are shown.

Sample of posts with excerpts

These indexes are just like the "Sample of posts" indexes except they also show an excerpt from each post. You can decide how much of the post you'll show as the excerpt.


Galleries show thumbnails for every post in the terms you select and are sorted by most recent post first. They can have fixed or "masonry" layouts (where the image width is fixed and the height of each image can vary - just like Pinterest) and have infinite scrolling (more content is shown as you scroll down)

Text indexes

Text indexes are "Sample of posts" indexes but show text only.